Introduction of Proban ( Rhodia Group , UK )

Textile flame retardant solution: the unique guarantee of safety and comfort for protective clothing


PROBAN® is a world leading textile flame retardant solution. PROBAN® canadian phamacy cialis has been developed to give fabrics made from natural fibres reliable flame retardant properties, durable to modern day living and to professional work conditions. Part of the Rhodia range, PROBAN® is a product which provides peace of mind to both industrial and consumer markets.

Customers’ Challenges


Whether you are a supplier of PROBAN® fabrics and garments or responsible for the safety of your employees you want to have the highest confidence in the protection you are offering.

Solutions & Benefits


PROBAN® is a trademarked, quality controlled technological process based on specific chemicals developed by Rhodia. The process takes place at the finishing stage of cotton and cotton blended fabrics and involves various very specific steps – the technology is only available to PROBAN® licensees.

  • Safety First & Quality control

All PROBAN® fabrics are manufactured not only to protect the wearer from fire, but to ensure that they offer flame retardant protection for the lifetime of the article if washing recommendations are followed. Part of the licensee agreement means fabrics are tested for their wash durability after a minimum of 50 wash cycles.

As a leading player in the flame retardant protective wear market, Rhodia has undergone strict quality procedures and is able to provide fabric producer specialists with best quality solutions that meet high fire safety regulations. Licensee’s textile companies are required to submit samples of PROBAN® fabrics at stipulated intervals collected systematically from each production. Through the Quality Control testing carried out by our UKAS accredited laboratory, Rhodia can ensure that PROBAN® fabrics continue to meet fire safety regulations.

  • Durability and Comfort

In addition to putting safety first, PROBAN® provides the best comfort in fabrics. Fabrics finished with PROBAN® process have never been so comfortable, and are now available in t-shirt and sweatshirt fabrics.

  • Unique distribution

PROBAN® is sold on a licensing only basis to textile companies. To obtain a licence, companies must demonstrate they have the

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necessary technical skills and marketing capabilities in line with PROBAN® plans. Rhodia will then supply the technology, chemicals, training and ongoing technical support.



PROBAN® finished fabrics are used in a wide variety of end use applications

Protective clothing:
- Protective wear
- Metal

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- Electrical industries
- Racing drivers’ overalls
- Chemical manufacturing
- Anywhere there is a risk of fire

Furnishing of hospitals, care homes, schools and institutions:
- Fire mattress ticking
- Curtains
- Upholstery

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